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*M«n thi : TiÕng Anh
Question I: Choose a word which has the underlined part pronounced differently (5 points)
1.A.Under B.idea C. educate D. loud
2. B. catch C. chief D. chaos
3. A. space B.Musician C. center D. importance
4. A. goad B. god C. grow D. language
5. A. death B. bath C. thus D. truth
Question II: choose the word or phrase among A,B,C orD
Which best completes each sentenses (15 points)
1.Have you got time to discuss your work now or are you…….to leave?
A. Thinking B.planed C. around D. about
2. would you mind…….these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?
A. Making B. Doing C. getting D. giving
3. The police are looking for a man of…….height.
A. Medium B. extra C. tall D. special
4. she looks…….she was tired.
A. Like B. Although C. Until D. as if
5. The lake contained……….thousands of fish.
A. much B. one C.many D. few
6. If only she………accept some help with the work instead of trying to do it alone!
A. will B. may C. would D. were
7. I’ll show you arround the city, when you………to visit me.
A. come B. are coming C. willcome C.will be coming
8. Mary asked me……….the film called “star wars”
A. Have I seen C. If I had seen
B. Have you seen D. If had I seen
9.Passover is celebrated is Israel and by all………people
A. English B. Vietnamese C. Japanese D. Jewish
10. What activities do you want to………in at school and at the club.
A.Taking part in B. Taken part in C.take part D. took part
11. She studies well………she is busy.
A. because B. since C. although D. and
12. We had to call an ambulance because of an………..person.
A. injured B. injure C. injuring D. injury
13. Would you ……….cleaning the floor for me?
A. Like B. please C. mind D. rather
14. She always remember…………of the light before going to bed.
A.Turn B. turning turn D. turned
15. If you do not go, neither………..I.
A. won’t B.shall C. shan’t D.did
Question III. Fill in the blank with a suitable word (10 points)
Watching T.V and going for walks (1)…….the most popular leisure activities in Britain. But although longer holidays and shorter (2)……hours have given people more free(3)……..women generally have less free time(4)……, because they spend time (5)……domestic work, shopping and child care(6)………survey showed that men were more (7)…….. to read new spapers that women, while(Cool………slightly higher proportion of adults read (9)…… spapers than read daily morning nation (10)……….

Question IV . Put the following sentences into Reported speech (5 points)
1. He said to her: “ I have not told you anything yet”
2. Mr Ha asked his friend: “How did you manage to know my phone number?”
3. Minh said: “My father died a year ago”
4. I said to the librarian: “could I take out another book please?”
5. She said to the boys: “Be careful.Don’t go too near the edge of the cliff”
Question V. Supply the correct form of the verbs given in brackets (15 points)
1. She didn’t know what time it (be), So I(turn) on the radio
2. She says that she (live) in the country when she (be) a child.
3. They (not receive) any letter from him since he(leave) 4 months ago.
4. When her father (die)? I (not know) when he (die)
5. My father (join) the Army when he (be) young.
6. When I (see) Minh tomorrow, I (remind) him of that.
7. She (not come) until you (be) ready.
QuestionVI.Complete each sentence with a suitable preposition (5points)
1. Jim always puts much salt………his food.
2. Meeting each other…….this occasion is a good chance.
3. If you arenot careful, you will cut yourself….that knife.
4. Last year, Hoa came to the school…….the first time.
5. He spends his free time doing volunteer work at……..local orphanage.
QuestionVII .Change the following sentences into passive voice (5points).
1. She has to pick fruit very early in the morning.
2. The house was dirty because she hadn’t cleaned it for weeks.
3. She is taking care of the baby girl.
4. Children should treat old men with respect.
5. She was wearing her new T-shirt when I met her yesterday.

Key 

Question I. (5points)
1. C 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. C
Question II. (15points)
1.D 6.C 11.C
2.D 7.A 12.A
3.A 8.C 13.C
4.D 9.D 14.C
5.C 10.C 15.B
Question III. (10 points)
1. are 4. Than 7. likely 10. new spaper
2. working 5. on 8. a
3. Time 6. a 9. Sunday
Question IV. Put the following sentences into Reported Speech (5 points)
1. He told her that he had not told her anything yet.
2. Mr Ha asked hisfriend how he had managed to know his phone number.
3. Minh said that his father had died a year before
4. I asked the librarian if I could take out another book.
5. She warned the boys tobe careful and not to go too near the edge of the cliff.
Question V. (15 points)
1. was/ turned
2. lived/ was
3. haven’t received/ left
4. did her father die
don’t know/ died
5. joined/was
6. See/ will remind
7. Won’t come/ are
Question VI. (5 points)
1. on 3. with 5. a.
2. on 4. for

Question VII (5 points)
1. Fruit have to be picked up very early in the morning (by her)
2. The house was dirty becaure it hadn’t been cleaned for weeks (by her)
3. The baby girl is being taken care of.
4. oldmen should be treated with respect by children
5. Her new T-shirt was being worn when I met her yesterday

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